About Le Shaaz Technologies

“Le Shaaz” means “unique” and the company is a complete reflection of the name that was chosen for it. It holds true for the company as it has been unique in its way of maintaining the corporate image and providing its customers with the best there is to offer in software and web development world. We at Le Shaaz Sdn. Bhd. are a full-service software development company dedicated to providing the highest quality design, development and online marketing services to our clients. Our company is built on the fact that we are a quality rather than quantity-based company. 

As a software development and web development company, everything is designed, developed and marketed by our in-house teams. We began as a software development company but quickly realized just how many online services our clients needed and how difficult it was for them to contract out to different contractors to get it all done. We made the decision to expand into a top-of-the-line, full-service web company providing end to end solutions to our clients and have never looked back since. Our commitment and determination to be the best in the business is the driving force behind our continued growth and success. We continuously challenge ourselves to learn and grow even more than we already have. Our team takes great pride in using their vast pool of skills and experience to meet the needs of any company regardless of their size or industry. 

We undergo extensive in house research and planning before we engage with any business because we take a genuine interest in each client’s unique needs and requirements and believe in giving them the exclusive attention they deserve. We ensure that we can provide the right service, deliverability and compatibility before taking on a client to preserve our track record of success and customer satisfaction. We believe in sustainable growth by ensuring the success of our clients and building long term mutually beneficial relationships.

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