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Hiring several companies to take care of your various software, portfolio, web design and online marketing is a cumbersome task and not every company has the resources or time to manage it. Thatís why at Le Shaaz, we provide integrated business solutions to ensure all your design, development and marketing needs are provided under one roof. Our four interlinked departments work hand-in-hand with each other on planning, design, development, marketing and more. We know what we do and how it is done. At Le Shaaz, you get to work with the experts in each and every field who are committed to providing unique and innovative solutions to ensure success of your business model.

Custom Software Development

Enhancement and Maintenance

Application Integration

Application Reengineering

Software Quality Assurance

C-3A-3A, i-Tech Tower,
Jalan Impact, Cyber 6, 63000, Cyberjaya.
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